Cost of roof repair

The Insurance Process in 5 Easy Steps

It’s winter now, but before we know it we will have crazy spring weather. With the frequent storms Kansas and Missouri get each year I thought this would be a good time to go over the insurance process and what to do if your roof or home becomes damaged from a storm. Hail, wind, and storm damage are considered a loss on your homeowner’s insurance policy. It is the responsibility of roofing insurance companies to pay the replacement cost, less your deductible, if damage is found.

Here is a brief overview of the insurance process:

Step 1: Play it safe and don’t get up on your own roof to check for damage! Call a roofing company to come out and do an inspection of your roof and exterior for damages. H & H Roofing’s inspections are FREE!

Step 2: If damage is found, contact your insurance company. Your roofing contractor can meet with your insurance adjuster to inspect the damage found.

Step 3: The insurance adjuster will send you paperwork detailing the damages to your property. Provide a copy of this paperwork to your roofing contractor so they can verify that all damage is accounted for. They should then sit down with you to go over the details of the loss and paperwork to make sure you know exactly what is being covered and the cost to replace all damaged areas.

Step 4: Sign a roofing contract with a company you trust (H&H Roofing, anyone?) and pick your shingle type and color (the fun part!).

Step 5: After work is completed, your roofing contractor will send necessary paperwork to your insurance company to release depreciation (checks may need to be sent to your mortgage company for endorsement).

Lastly, you can rest easy knowing your damage has been taken care of.

As always we are here to help if you should ever need it!