Fall and Your Gutters

It’s almost that time of year – the weather becomes cooler, the days shorter and the leaves change color and begin to fall. With the heat we have had this summer a change in season will be a welcomed relief … until we all remember the work it takes to clean out our gutters.

If you are anything like my family you rather spend your weekends having fun instead of doing chores. We seem to neglect our yard and only rake our leaves once or twice during the season much less want to get up on a ladder and spend the day cleaning the leaves out. However, we all know that if we don’t clean out the leaves, they will become so full that rain will run off the top of the gutters potentially causing a downpour directly onto the foundation, which leads to water in the basement. Snow and ice can also build up in gutters and become a problem during winter months.

Fortunately there is a great product LeaFree Gutter Protection gutter, a perfect Kansas City gutter guard, that can be installed to keep unwanted debris out of your gutters. It will keep your weekend free of gutter-cleaning chores and ensure that your roof and home are prepared for what Mother Nature has in store for us this winter.

I hope everyone enjoys the cooler weather the change in season offers – I know I will!  Contact us today for a gutter consultation.